The Plans of China’s QQ to Attract The Generation of Today

The Plans of China's QQ to Attract The Generation of Today 1

Nowadays China is considered to be one of the biggest providers and manufacturers of technological devices and social media platforms. And as today’s generations are looking for the most suitable apps and socializing websites, developers and owners of notorious platforms are always working hard in order to meet the expectations of the younger audiences and youths.

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The viral app of QQ is amongst the most popular and successful platforms with millions of users in China and other countries. Recently, developers of QQ revealed that the Chinese platform is planning on unveiling more socializing features and services that are more suited and meticulously designed for the generations of today in order to successfully cope with the continuous changing nature of today’s technology and communications.

The QQ app started its journey in the local and international markets in a very simple manner with each one of its users base given a QQ number and a profile. The user can easily utilize his QQ profile to stay in touch with others via his PC. Nevertheless, with the explosion of smart devices and services over the last ten years, QQ shifted its attention to the fact that smartphones and tablets are going go be the rulers of the future.

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Consequently, the Chinese app started a long and diligent journey of implanting the right social media and communicating features that will definitely appeal to and attract youngsters and teenagers. Fortunately, QQ has turned out to be one of the top used apps in China over the past few years; teenagers, for example, find the app to be the cool and entertaining alternative to some of the biggest names such as WhatsApp and Viber; according to its keen users, using QQ is fun and modern with features like changing voices into words and swapping cartoon faces and emojis easily throughout the conversations.

QQ also offers other social media facets beside the daily communication services; providing the users with a wide range of content, news, services and socializing properties in many fields such as technology, sports, beauty, movies and games has helped to increase the number of QQ customers palpably in the last two years. The main criterion followed by QQ to develop its platform stems from the necessity to introduce the users with features and services that they enjoy on other apps and platforms – paying attention particularly to Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok.

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Online games, esports and short videos have been enticing the young audience lately and that’s why QQ is presenting its users base with similar entertainment services. Also, QQ focuses on live-streaming and video features, face filters, photo editing and creating gifs amongst many more recent requirements of the social media enthusiasts to use and prioritize the rising Chinese app.

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