QQ’s Global Expansion

QQ's Global Expansion 1

Today social media is common in every culture of the modern world. There is no doubt that it has become an integrated part of our society, having had a surge in recent years. These platforms are a widespread and common occurrence for individuals across the globe. The sites connect all the people alive in a way unexperienced only a few decades ago as our technology continues to develop. No one is ever truly isolated with these platforms’ influence at their fingertips, a fact leading to a generation used to constant contact with the outside world no matter where they are.

One of these is QQ international messaging app. QQ is a social media app and instant messenger that has had incredible popular among its base. The platform first gained notoriety in China, where most of its user base still resides. It was the reigning champion for most popular social media site in China for years after its release. It boasts activity numbers that rival that of Western countries’ biggest players in the social media game.

After finding success in China, QQ went on to expand into the global market. It became available to other users outside of China, the country that the app called home for a long time. The social media site’s parent company made the platform available on numerous new devices. These include iOS and Android, both massive stores that extend the app’s reach. It has managed to maintain positive reviews ranking at 4/5 stars on the Apple App Store.

Since its release though, there have been some fumbling as the platform has made its expansion. However, with that in mind, this is often the case for any social media site making strides to improve their outreach outside their target market – even the most well established companies can struggle with the change in dynamic. With that in mind, users have responded positively to QQ’s inclusion of other features such as gaming and music streaming.

While QQ may have had a rocky start to their worldwide rollout, the app still manages to keep its core demographic. The app aimed at Chinese and young users has made a name for itself, even earning a Guinness World Record for most online users, across the world in countries everywhere. It has shown its tenacity and resilience over the years as a social media platform that can remain relevant in the current age of rapidly changing tech.

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