QQ Presents its 2018 Era of Renovations

QQ Presents its 2018 Era of Renovations 1

Since its launch, the socializing platform QQ has worked hard in an attempt to gain a stronge fan base, which gradually took place as the QQ platform began to expand and its base of users is also expanding every single day. However, it’s not only the general services and social media style QQ provides that made it appeal to both the younger and older generations, but also the new features that suit the needs of our technological age the platform presents which made it possible to reach to a large number of users all over the world.

However, many of the features that QQ possesses, whether old or new ones, are always presented in order to satisfy the audience; for instance, some simple messaging features such as the cartoon stickers and converting voice messages to written words seem to be working well for QQ as sources of attracting more users.

The functional criteria of QQ is simple from the start; every user was granted a QQ number, a user name and a profile page through which he can chat and message other users. Yet, over its 19 years, QQ faced some serious challenges from similar websites and apps – especially WeChat – which prompted the developers of the platform to start renovating QQ and feeding it brand new and more appealing features. And as a result of the efforts the developers put into QQ back in 2016, the number of users of the platform – especially the teenagers and young adults – is starting to notably increase this year.

Multiple new features and services available on QQ such as the animated contents, personalized properties, gaming services, celebrity news and popular mini videos, appear to be the right gradients to cope with the ever-changing nature of the online social life.

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