Download QQ App for iphone

Download QQ App for iphone 1

Tencent QQ (Chinese: Q QQ), ordinarily called QQ, is an educating programming affiliation and online interface, made by Chinese tech eatery Tencent. QQ gives benefits that give online social games, music, shopping, microblogging, movies, and gathering and voice talk programming. The thing’s logo is a penguin wearing a red scarf. As showed by Alexa it is the seventh most visited site on earth.

As of April 2014, more than 200 million simultaneous online QQ customers were recorded. Around the summit of June 2016, there were 899 million dynamic QQ accounts.

QQ for iphone

Tencent QQ was first released in China in February 1999 under the name OICQ (“Open ICQ”, implying the early IM affiliation ICQ).

After the threat of a trademark infringement guarantee by AOL-IC, the name of the thing was changed to QQ (“Q” and “QQ” propose “engaging”). The thing got existing confinements from ICQ, and additional features, for example, programming skins, photos of people, and emoticons. [Citation needed] QQ was first released as “Exchange Paging”, developing the exchanging affiliation. For example, later, various features were incorporated for chatrooms, games, specific pictures, (for instance, “MeeGo” in MSN), web based amassing, and Internet dating affiliations.

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Download QQ App for iphone

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