QQ app and the Star Wars The Last Jedi Movie

QQ app and the Star Wars The Last Jedi Movie 1

With the beginning of 2018, QQ took the initiative and decided to present the audience with new entertainments as results of the collaboration with the extremely notorious and long-lasting movie series: Star Wars. Once released in China, and in many countries around the world, Star Wars The Last Jedi performed exceedingly well – as expected – at the box office, and the eighth instalment received excellent critical appreciation as well. And as a result of success of The Last Jedi, various types of products related to the movie were made available in the markets.

Nevertheless, the Stormtrooper doll, that’s a product of both Disney and QQ, was the most popular item amongst the audience in China since it attracted many fans of the Star Wars franchise. Producing the doll, both parties made sure that the Stormtrooper doll combines elements that allude to the parts of the equation. Thus, the doll is characterized with the unique penguin logo of QQ, and, at the same time, it doesn’t miss the cold face of the original Star Wars character. Also, the Stormtrooper doll is fashioned in a manner closely similar to its style in the movies as the product is equipped with the armor and the overall protection outfit that the character is popular for. The new product, fortunately, received good feedback from the masses and the sales went sky high promoting both the Star Wars movies and the QQ app.

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Additionally, the QQ platform presented an artificial intelligence campaign designed to imitate elements of the Last Jedi movie as a new propeller to entice more people into the world of Star Wars and QQ combined. Consequently, the Chinese audience was entertained and satisfied to find out that the two different parts of the entertainment and social media fields were combined together in one formula to bring closer the experience of the Last Jedi movie through the viral Chinese messaging app, QQ. All in all, the partnership between QQ and Star Wars, which helped not only to promote the movie and the app to farther than expected, but also it presented a new method of reaching out to audiences of different types, is indeed to be repeated more often in future installments.

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