QQ Responds to its Competitors with the Launch of New Features

QQ Responds to its Competitors with the Launch of New Features 1

Social media apps and services have been lately working diligently to provide the millions of users around the world with the best and most interesting features that’ll help them share their daily life in a fun and trendy way. Chinese apps are of course no difference as many of them are looking forward to updating their platforms and bringing the user a whole bundle of new social media and communicating properties.

QQ is for example one of the best and most popular apps in China and other countries; the app has got millions of users who utilize its varied services and content on daily basis. QQ isn’t just an ordinary communication app, but it’s also deemed by its fans to be amongst the top providers of many other content and entertainment materials – such as games, live-streaming, news and video making. However, this year the developers of QQ are reported to be working hard to equip the Chinese messenger with much beloved features from other currently viral apps including Instagram, TikTok and Snpachat.

QQ has essentially started out as a simple messenger as it presented the user with a profile through which he can stay in touch with family and friends. And in the last decade, developers of the app began to embed it with many modern socializing and communicating methods and techniques. The app for example has a wide variety of image editing features and face filters; and it also supports live-streaming and has a games section. The millions of people who use QQ in China are actually preferring this inclusive communicating platform which provides hugely various content and is considered to be a tough contender to some of the biggest apps in the markets at the moment! Users of QQ are estimated to be more than 500 million which proves the extent of success of this national Chinese messenger.

Nevertheless, social media experts said that the younger generations and teenagers are indeed comparing QQ with other currently notorious platforms. The relaunch of TikTok has obviously created a propaganda in the markets as the short videos app is now labelled as a favourite of so many young and underage users. Also, WeChat is yet another competitor to QQ for both of them are specialized in the same field of daily communications and social media vibes. When QQ started to gradually unveil various entertainment-related features – such as games, beauty, sports, comics, pop stars and technology – there was a palpable increase in the number of users under 21 and also an increase in the time spent using the QQ platform. In 2019, QQ is thankfully carrying out the same trend of empowering its app with the latest and most sought after social media features in the attempt to meet the needs of users and maintain its solid status in the markets.

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